Used Ram Trucks in Dallas, TX

Ram trucks are an iconic name in the automotive industry. Breaking off from Dodge in October 2009, the brand has become synonymous with power, agility, and a ruggedness that's unbeatable. For almost the better half of a decade, Ram has rivaled its competitors in the industry with a delectable mix of off-road capability and sheer comfort that make it one of the most recognized brands out there.

While it currently offers four trucks and two vans, the pickup side is the one that equates to success for the brand name. If you're searching for a truck that's no holds barred, the Ram is perhaps the best choice for your needs.

Ram Truck History

The Ram truck wasn't always its own entity, and it wasn't until an executive decision by parent company Chrysler that the Ram earned its own product line. Prior to its entrance into the automotive market, Ram was a production of Dodge. Needing to compete with other domestic brands, Dodge launched the Ram in 1981 as a heavy-duty full-sized pickup. It was immediately met with accolades for its engine prowess and ability to get the job done.


The Ram name has a long list of accolades over the years, but many of them have come over the past decade. In its first year, the 2003 Ram won the prestigious Motor Trend Truck of the Year award, laying the groundwork for many vehicles that would follow. Autobytel and the Texas Auto Writers' Association both named the Ram one of the best trucks of the past few years. That's why the slogan of "Guts. Glory. Ram." seems to work so perfectly, and no one can downplay that.

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