Simply put, at Dallas Lease Returns we are looking for people that exude our core values.

What We Believe

We believe in people and culture. Our definition of culture is clarity and accountability from the top down. Our agents are the best in any business, but are great people first and foremost. We measure ourselves against our potential and we believe we are our best competition. We understand that those that serve the most people make the most money.

Life At Dallas Lease Returns

Our real product is our people so you can expect first and foremost we are working on you. We start our days with personal development, followed by strategy. You are treated and empowered to grow your portfolio and be the best in the business. This means HIGH levels of activity and HIGH levels of accountability to excellence, though. If you are not a disciplined individual you won’t make it here.

1. Automobile Sales Professional

Be a part of the best culture in the business by joining the back to back DealerRater Used Car Dealer of the Year, Dallas Lease Returns team.

Is the only thing keeping you from greatness your environment or even worse your boss? Are you a winner? Do you hate being surrounded by marginal? Do you love accountability? Used Car Dealer of the Year AGAIN. Why?

We have the best people in the business. Just find one and ask them how they like it.

Be Fair

Be Transparent

Be Intentional

Be Profitable

If you understand these principles we can do the rest. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. Simply fill out this survey and we will be in touch.

Be a person of action NOW

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