Used Ford Trucks in Dallas, TX

Since 1925, Ford Motor Co. has rolled out millions of trucks, and even today, it exports them all over the world. The reason for such popularity and accolades isn't unilateral; many Ford truck owners just grew up with them. From domestic farms to off-roading in the Outback, Ford trucks are an eclectic mix of ruggedness, toughness, beauty, and more. If you're looking to join the ranks of pickup customers, there's probably no better pick than a Ford truck.

Ford Truck History

The first Ford truck came off the assembly line in 1925, only a few decades after the first Ford car. Ford was looking to tackle a market for the American working man at the time, and it hit the nail on the head. The Ford Model T Runabout was its foray into the truck market, and it set the precedent for the model years ahead of its time. While many of these original masterpieces exist only as relics and auto museum exhibits, their influence laid forth a generation of pickups that could tackle any job thrown their way.


Ford trucks aren't just loved by their owners. In fact, many critics and publications have put Ford trucks at the top of their lists for outstanding performance and value. In 2009, the Ford F-150 won the prestigious Motor Trend Truck of the Year award, and every year since, the pickup has always been in the running.

In 2017, the Ford Super Duty took home the hardware for the 2017 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, showing that Ford isn't done reinventing the wheel. Each year comes with more surprises than the last for Ford trucks, and new owners and fans of the brand should expect more to come. There's a reason every Ford truck is built Ford tough.

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